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Jaunty sunflowers in the full spectrum of the rainbow and splashy tropical flowers in neon colors, Summer Lydick’s paintings are bright, bold, and invigorating. A self-described Georgia O'Keefe of the Tropics, Lydick splits her time between Houston and Costa Rica painting flowers that are playful, flirty, lush, and beautiful. Lydick draws inspiration from her tropical garden full of giant sunflowers, long walks with her dogs, and traveling the world.

After getting her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in art, Summer painted on her balcony in Paris for an exhibition there, completed large scale public murals for cities and corporations, infused her colorful aesthetic into the total redesign of a children’s wing of a church, drew with locals on the coast of India, created the artwork for the individual suites of a private hotel in Costa Rica, and executed large

window displays of her work for the luxury retailer Tootsies. She also singlehandedly created a pop-up show in Miami for the launch of her favorite author, Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic, before welcoming Gilbert to the stage.

Highly collected and sought after, Lydick's work resides in private collections in the US, Germany, Paris, New York City, and Bermuda. Public collections include Lamar University, the Art Museum of Southeast Texas, Jefferson Regional Airport, SheSpace, and Google.


I paint big, colorful flowers. I am fascinated by the repetitive shapes, the colors, and the energy of plants and flowers. They are each so unique and different, almost as if they have little personalities. I love the big bold varieties of sunflowers and zinnias, as well as exotic tropicals like hibiscus and bird of paradise. I could paint them for hours and never get tired of it. I keep my garden chock-full of all these types so I get to live with them and study them. They are constantly making me smile and informing my work. 

My art is uplifting and positive. There's enough heavy negativity these days, so I'm doing my part to put positive energy back into the world. Color saves lives. It inspires us to think better, work smarter, and play more. My art is about beauty, color, and joy, and ultimately, it's about hope.

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