Summer Lydick knew from the tender age of two that she wanted to be an artist. She graduated from Texas State University in 2000 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Drawing, before journeying to Paris for a course at the Paris American Academy in 2003.


    Lydick then settled in Southeast Texas to earn her Master of Arts in Painting at Lamar University in 2005. Determined to be a working artist, Lydick established her own decorative painting business, The Painted Wall, which allowed her to create large-scale public and private murals, commissioned paintings, and extensive plaster finishes.


     Teaching art brought another dimension to her art practice, while she maintained an active presence on her local art scene by participating in several group shows and solo exhibitions. She is also a longstanding member of the advisory board at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas.



     Lydick's bold and playful personality shines clearly in her artwork which focuses on her fascination with color, pattern, and texture.  Wonderfilled magazine says the work is"a dose of wonder and inspiration". Author Elizabeth Gilbert proclaims the paintings "beautiful". Lydick is featured in private collections in New York, Miami, Paris, and all over Texas as well as the public collections of Lamar University and the Art Museum of Southeast Texas. 


    Painting is my language. Painting is my happy place. For me, it's a full body experience. My work is vibrant, playful, joyous. It's about joy, magic, and whimsy. Something fun and beautiful just for the sake of it! I like to think of my paintings as “Joy Bombs"- purely energetic moments of hope, happiness, and wonder! I love using dots and surprising color combinations, sourced from my rotating collection of travel photos, textiles, and patterns to elevate the mood and energy of a space and convey a sense of bubbly effervescence.